Saturday, April 05, 2014

I AM Finally Back, Halfway!

I know it is been a long time without any word of mine here on my little online place. Don't worry, because I won't bother you with any excuses but with more blog posts to come.
Well, there are some words I want to tell you about my last weeks but, yeah, I rather show you that I do care about my readers and blog instead of writing my apologies for the thausends of time.

Here is a short story about how my last weeks went: Basically, you can tell that the only two places which have seen me were either my study desk or my bed. Yep! I have not done anything else than studying for school. However, I can eventually say that I have survived my senior year. The only more exams which will come will be my finals (Abitur!).

Granted, the next 4 weeks won't be less stressfull as I have to study for my Abitur but I really can only focus on my 5 subjects I take my final exams in and don't have to be prepared for my other 5 or more subjects. This is a good thing. Moreover, I only have one more week school until the glorias spring break or easter holidays.

All I wanted to say today is that I am happy to be bringing my blog finally back to life and even though I cannot promise to post a new blog post every single day I, for sure, can tell you guys that at least after my finals (the end of May) I will be on summer break for almost 4 month, which means that I have a lot of time to post about my life in freedom, about my books, my university plans and even more.

Hopefully, you are not TOO disappointed about my long absent and still enjoy my posts every now and then.


your Patty (It feels so good to blog again.


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