Saturday, April 19, 2014

Mobile Blogging & The Best Brother

This is probably the only way to save my beloved blog from dying out. 😉
Recently, I got a new phone because mine went from working fine to not working at all to working fine again in almost no time. I couldn't live with a cell phone anylonger on with I cannot deny on.
So I went shopping for a new one and actually was planning on spending only few bucks on it. However, my lovely big brother gave me a nice rescue parachute and bought me the new XperiaZ1 by Sony in white. This is amazing!
It is beautyful, shiny and so my style. I am beyond thankful for having such an generous brother. Not only because he bought me this not so cheap phone but also because I know that he is always there for me and so am I for him. Familie is important guys, so keep spending your easter holidays with yours.

Love, Patty

PS: Now I can blog via my phone which hopefully helps me being more active here.


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